Writing Prompt Wednesday – Horror! 03-15-17

It’s Wednesday once again, folks, and that means it;s once again time for more writing prompts from me.

I really enjoy doing these prompts, not just because I know it helps out my fellow writers, but also because it helps ME out. I’ve used them on many occasions, including two this past week.

This week, I will focus on prompts which are more of a horror genre in inspiration, but, a always, can be used for any genre.

Ready? Let;s begin!


The protagonist wakes up to find himself alone with a crying child nearby. They do not know the child and have no idea where they came from. No one else is around.


The protagonist keeps hearing a tapping sound coming from under their desk, but, when they look, they see nothing out of the ordinary.


The protagonist lives at the side of a lake in a large house. Each day, they see the water level of the lake has been on the rise, but there is nothing to explain why it could be happening. However, at night, they can hear what sounds like rushing rivers.


The protagonist is employed at a factory as a security guard. The factory has been shut down for some time, but they still have to be there to guard the equipment. Though no one has been there but them, they keep finding things moved and the machinery running.


There you go! Now you can take these writing prompts and push yourself to your next great story!

Remember, though these were written with a horror element, you do not have to use it for a horror story.

For example, in the prompt above regarding the tapping on the desk, you could turn it into a children’s story, writing about a small creature trying to get the attention of a little girl. The creature wants to be their friend.

Anything can happen folks! Just let your imagination slide.

See you next week!

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