Writing Prompt Wednesday 05-03-17

Wednesday has found itself around again, and with it, we bring you another set of great writing prompts you can use to make your stories inspired.

The past few weeks have certainly been busy ones. Between the sicknesses we have had running through the household and writing my new book, Haunted: Finding an Explanation for the Unknown, life has certainly been throwing a lot of wrenches at the monkeys, but we’re getting through it all.

After finishing Haunted, I also started a new novel, which I am tentatively calling Penitence.

It’s certainly been a crammed time.

Life has a way of getting busy when you least expect it and we have to ride those storms of creativity and negativity, the ups and downs, as they come.

Let’s sew what you can make out of these!


The protagonist has been dealing with a person at work who has it in for them. Constantly trying to get the protagonist fired or otherwise make them leave. The protagonist decides it is time to see just why they are so strongly against them.

the protagonist buys a box at an auction. The box has a lot of papers in it, and, at the bottom, there is a note saying, “They killed me.”


For many years, the protagonist has been stuck in an institution, diagnosed with a disorder they do not actually have. When they are finally released, they have to try to put their life back together again.


One night, while taking a bath, the protagonist hears something from the other rooms of the house. They live alone and no one else was there when the bath began.


A child finds papers attesting to the fact their parents are not actually their real parents. In fact, they find out they may have been the victim of an abduction.


There you go folks. I hope these help you create something awesome!



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