Writing Prompt Wednesday 04-12-17

Wednesday is once again upon us, and that means another round of writing prompts for you to make use of!

First, a bit of news. I have finally finished writing the book “Haunted – Finding an Explanation for the Unknown” and sent it off to my publishers to get their final approval. I’m really excited about this one and I hope that you are as well. It’s an in-depth perspective on everything supernatural, taking a look at it from the eyes of historical cultures and modern day investigations.

You will learn a lot from reading this book, and I will let you all know the progress of publication as time goes on.

Anyhow, on to the prompts!


The protagonist has always had a problem riding trains. They have been afraid of them since childhood. A new job, however, forces them to have to ride on a train daily, forcing them to confront what really happened when they were a kid.


The protagonist has been involved in some shady dealings at work. Though they have thought they covered their tracks well, one day they discover a note telling them they have been busted. The note is stamped 3 days in the future. It is in their own handwriting.


The protagonist has always been against drinking alcohol, due to being raised by a father with bad addiction problems. However, one night they end up going on a bender with some friends. Horrible consequences come from it.


When the protagonist wakes from a horrible dream, they find themselves in a strange place. The things they see in the room match those of the dream.


The protagonist is a child who has always been amazing at making realistic paintings, drawing them into fame, which their parents have been taking advantage of.


I hope you enjoy these prompts and make use of them to write your next amazing story. Let me know what you think!


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