Writing Prompt Wednesday 04-05-17

Another Wednesday is upon us, and I hope this one finds you well.

I have, unfortunately, once again been dealing with an illness; this time, an opportunistic bug decided to latch hold in my throat and knock me out of commission. This makes the third illness since the beginning of February, and I am pretty well sick and tired of being sick and tired.

That being said, however, the writing mus continue on, and I have a new set of writing prompts for you, ready to go.


The protagonist has discovered the illness their mother has been going through was actually caused by a spirit which has attached itself to her. The problem is, the mother does not believe anything like that is possible.


The protagonist has just stepped out of the shower when they hear the sound of someone walking into their house and calling their name.


The protagonist and antagonist have been rivals their while lives. They cannot really explain why, or how it got started, but they discover they were siblings who were removed from their parents at a very early age, and have no recall of it at all.


The protagonist is a quadriplegic who has been taken care of by a particular nurse for years. One night, a new one comes into their life, claiming the old nurse passed away, and they are the replacement. An abusive relationship starts almost immediately.


The protagonist has been having problems with one particular co-worker. They decide they must tryy to get them fired.


One night, the protagonist discovers the person they are sleeping next to is not their spouse. When confronted with it, however, they find photo albums, videos, etc all point to the fact they have, indeed, been married for years.


There you go folks! Hot off the little fingers tapping on the keys for you and ready to make history.

Now go create something great!


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