Writing Prompt Wednesday 03-29-17 – We Get Weird!

Hello folks!

It’s Wednesday and once again and that means it is time for more writing prompts.

I have been working on my new non-fiction book, which I am tentatively titling “Haunted – Finding an Explanation for the Unknown” and, in the midst of it, I was hit with a few different writing prompts I would like to give you today.

They might seem strange, but, then again, so am I, so why not?

Here you go, folks!


The protagonist is a psychic who receives messages from the other side. One night, they get a message from someone claiming to be a messenger from an alien world, and are warning the humans on Earth of an impending attack.


The protagonist is someone who has always had a strong sense of justice. They find out through a medium their past lives were always focused on being a warrior, and they must continue that in this life, as well


The protagonist finds a gun, which, somehow, has a spirit of someone killed by it attuned to it. The protagonist begins to see visions of the life the spirit lived.


The protagonist moves to a new town and quickly finds out the whole area has been the subject of alien encounters, always hidden from the news. The government knows this is happening and is somehow tied to it.


The main character wakes one night to find someone standing at the foot of their bed. When they jump up, the person says they are in great danger, then disappears.


The protagonist has always been afraid of cats, but is, through a will, given custody of one, and, when they try to turn it down, they become haunted by the spirit of the dead person. The only thing keeping them at bay is the MC keeping the cat in the house.


There you go, gang! I hope these lead you to create something amazing.

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