Writing Prompt Wednesday 03-22-17

Writing prompts are important for many reasons.

The first is that they are good practice for writers, not just to come up with stories based on them, but to come up with, as well.

You see, when trying to work out writing prompts, you are telling your subconscious mind that you are ready to be creative, ready to be open to the possibilities it has been working on while you do all of your other daily activities. It;s always working in the background, examining things you are seeing and hearing, combining them together in your lower depths to bring out at a later time, fully fleshed out as a story to write.

Writing prompts are a way to force your brain to kick those things out and onto paper, to make use of.

This week, we;ll focus on general writing prompts. They can be used in any genre and are ready to get your imagination stirring!

Ready? Let’s begin!

The protagonist is a dancer who has been working with a particular troupe for many years. They are told, one day, they will never dance again, by one of their rivals.


The protagonist opens their door one day to discover a cat sitting on their door step. Around its neck is a collar, and in the collar is a note. The note says something special will happen, if they take care of the cat.


The protagonist is a chef that has discovered a great new recipe. However, they find out the main ingredient is only available through one place. That place has closed down permanently.


The protagonist is a child who has been very sick for many years. They have tried to have a positive outlook about it all, but it is getting harder and harder to do so.


Years after the protagonist;s one and only love of their life passed away, they discover a person their child has come to be with is the reincarnation of their long-ago love.

There you go, folks! I hope these can prompt you to create something amazing. Make sure to come back next week for even more!


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