Writing Prompt Wednesday 03-08-17

Hello folks!

It’s Wednesday once gain, and that means it is time for another set of writing prompts for you to use to catapult your way into the next story you write.

I love to write science fiction stories, though I do tend to interlace some fantasy elements into them, as well.  For instance, the Takiq series focuses on a science fiction story, but contains characters and creatures normally seen in the fantasy genre.  I find the blend interesting and, from what you readers have been telling me, you do, too.

That’s something to bear in mind when you are choosing what to write with your next story.  Is it something that can blend elements together? Or are you going for a hard sci-fi adventure?

Either way, I wish you luck and hope the words fly from your fingers as you go.

Here are some science fiction based writing prompts, but, remember, you can blend at will, or use them in some other way, if you desire.

The protagonist is a man posessed by a dead alien entity.  The alien has taught him all manner of science and helped him into a position in a space agency.  However, the protagonist finds it was all for the purpose of getting the alien back home again.

The protagonist’s spouse does not believe they have experienced contact with an alien race, until they, themselves, are abducted.  Soon after, the discovery that they are pregnant is made…

The protagonist awakes to find they have been sleeping in a strange bed in a strange room, and soon discover they are alone on a space ship.  Through the screen in the cockpit, they see themselves heading toward a large nebula.

The protagonist, freshly retired after a long career in the military, is just sitting down for a drink in their study when a knock at the door disturbs them.  The knock is loud and insistent, with a voice claiming their life has been a lie…

There you go, folks!  I hope you enjoy these prompts and will make use of them to write your next story.  Let me know what you think!

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