Voices Carry Status Update

Voices Carry is finished and I am working my way through the first set of edits that need to be done on it.

This novel was a really interesting one to write.  I went through quite a few cups of tea and at least some hunks of hair have gone missing, especially since the edit process has begun.

Why? To be honest, I hate editing.  I have no problem admitting that to you, dear readers, because I am sure you understand, especially if you have written a novel in the past.  (or, perhaps, a thesis!  ack!)

I’d much rather be slogging my way through the next set of words of another novel, instead of getting my paws grime-covered and bloody from editing.  I especially hate cutting out words.  These are my babies!  My preciouses!

That being said, however, what must be done must be done.  I am hopeful the novel will be in the final stages and ready for Beta Reading by the end of February, so I can have those of you kind folks that have indicated you’d like to beta read the novel start on things.  I promise I will not take too long to get it into your waiting hands!

If you would like to be a Beta Reader, I do have another couple of slots open.  Just let me know if you are willing to help out.  The only thing I ask is that you are someone that has already read Silent Steps, so you can have an idea of what the story is all about.  It is, after all, a sequel, and is not meant to be a stand-alone work.

If you have not read Silent Steps yet, you can pick it up from my website, and if you’d like to check out what it is all about, I do have the first chapter available to read!  On Original Wolds there are also free short stories and information set in the world of Takiq for you to enjoy!

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