The People of Takiq – The Elves

The planet Takiq is small and out of the way, galactic speaking.  If it were not for the diverse amount of life on this particular chunk of rock floating in space, it may have been left alone until its sun eventually grew old and faded away.

That diversity of life – the seemingly-endless amounts of variety and species – attracted the attention of the Hokarg and made it attractive to conquer.

The people of Takiq call themselves Elves.  In general, they have dusky, dark skin, a green-grey in tone, though there are many variations between them.

Eye color also varies from person to person, but green or a dark copper color are the most common.  The people are able to see well in the dark, as long as there is some type of ambient light around them.

Their hair is dark, usuall black to dark green in color and the men tend to wear their hair just as long as the women. In texture, it is similar to straw and grows very thick.

Facial features and body types also vary, depending on circumstances; however, there are very few elves that are obese, due to the Hokarg rationing systems placed on the people.

The elves of Takiq were created by Ineke, though there is no memory of that among the people.  That knowledge was lost in their time spent underground, after the devastation of Takiq occurred.

Ineke knew this would happen, but told the ancestors of the present time that it was the way things were meant to be.  “You WILL forget me and that is the way of things,” she had told the elves in the grove, weeks before the destruction came.  “All children eventually leave the homes of their mothers, to continue their new lives. So it will be with you.”

Their time underground was long, lasting over 14000 years.  The people changed dramatically from their time in those caverns, building a new society and new rules, while, at the same time, losing their connection with things of the natural world.

Where they had once been able to commune with the plants and animals that shared their world, this was eventually lost to them, replaced by a depth of loneliness within.

When they were discovered by the Hokarg, they were brought out of the underground world they had come to know and were birthed into a new world, conquered and enslaved.

The elves of Takiq now live their lives under Hokarg thumb, and have known nothing else for over a thousand years.  They have no memory of their time underground, as that has been replaced by the Hokarg teachings.

The Hokarg, for their part, have taught the elves that they have always existed in tandem, both races knowing each other all along, and that the elves have always been ruled by the Hokarg.  It was the way things had always been, and they would always remain so.

Most elves knew no better and never thought otherwise.

A small few, though, had different thoughts inside. Most would never express it – to do so would be treasonous, blasphemy – but those few were able to understand that something was not right with the world and that the Hokarg may not be the benevolent masters they were programmed to think they were.

These were the resistance, and formed small bands of like-minded souls, trying to eke their way through a world they knew was wrong, though they might never be able to express it in words.

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