Silent Steps – Takiq Cycle Book One – Fiction Book

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Tragic devastation drove them underground. Abject desperation brought them back out again.

Their world had changed.  Alien creatures greeted them with misery in tow and enslavement in mind.

Into this world a girl was born.  Made mute by a mistake of birth, Aylen’s inability to communicate with others of her kind was absolute. But natural things – animals, trees, the softly creeping things in the night – were open to her, and had many things to teach her…

… including how to save her world from those beings that held her people in thrall. Aylen’s first silent steps are just the beginning…




Silent Steps is the first book in The Takiq Cycle trilogy.


Aylen is a young girl, caught in a world that she is unable to communicate with, trapped between her people and the monstrous creatures that enslave them.

Her life has always been difficult, hidden away from prying eyes, locked behind closed doors where only her mind is free.  When a devastating blow is dealt, she must frantically learn how to not only survive, but thrive.

With each step she takes, she comes ever closer to her destiny.


Silent Steps is set in the world of Takiq, taken over and devastated by horrible alien overlords.  Aylen, born mute into this world, is thrust into the center of a power play for the control of her people, swept into a tide of events that will change the face of her planet forever.

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