Penitence OFFICIAL RELEASE November 10, 2017!

I am pleased to announce the official release date for my new book, “Penitence,” has been set for NOVEMBER 10, 2017!

I will have the links for pre-ordering soon and will post them the moment they become available, but I am so excited for this book to finally be unleashed upon the world.

When I got the idea for “Penitence,” I thought it might just turn out to be a fascinating piece of short fiction, something I could quickly write and give to people to entertain them.

However, as the words started to come out, I realized this book was taking on a life of its’ own and there would be no turning back until it was done.

And when it was finally finished? Boy, I was surprised at what came out of me.

The book is disturbing, it is apt to twist the mind, and it will shock you.  It will evoke emotions you may not have felt before for a book.

It will also show you what love can do.

Pick up “Penitence” in paperback or eBook on November 10 and discover how life can changed dramatically when a horrible choice has to be made.


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  1. Fantastic. Thanks a lot.

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