NaNoWriMo Update and “The Eternals Game”

Well, folks, another day has passed and I have another set of writing completed.

As you might have read in my update yesterday, I started doing NaNoWriMo this year, mostly because of the coincident timing of it all.  So far, I am quite pleased with how the book is turning out.

This one was a weird one for me.  You see, I always do an outline when I am working on a novel project, and this time was, of course, no exception.

However, I will admit I went a little overboard on the outline with “The Eternals Game” (That’s the tentative title for this new one).

While I usually dedicate a fair amount of space to an outline, my previous word record for them was about 6000 words.  This time? 17000 words.

“Oh my goodness, Ira,” I can hear you saying.  “That’s just excessive!”

Yes, dear reader, it certainly is.

However, it has definitely given me a chance to really flow with this book, shockingly quick, in fact.

Right now, the book is sitting at just shy of 31000 words and I am at a little less than the halfway mark, Chapter wise (at least, if I stick fully to the outline).  My fingers are a tad sore, but that’s not unexpected.

I expect I will, if I keep up the pace, have the book done by the end of November, and can then move on to a couple of other projects that have been kicking around in my head.

Thursday may be a slower writing day for me, since I have 2 different shows to record and broadcast, but we’ll see what happens. If i can get more done in the morning hours, I will probably meet my goal for the day.

Oh, I did get some really good news today, as well!


Penitence, my new book coming out on Friday, is now available for pre-order!

If you guys want to grab it before everyone else, you can find it on Amazon!


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