Haunted: Finding an Explanation for the Unknown – Non-Fiction Book

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Dark secrets lie within the pages of this book.

Within the dark of night, subtle sounds can be heard. Unseen hands reach out to touch, stirring echoes of past nightmares and paranoia.

In “Haunted: Finding an Explanation for the Unknown” you will read chilling true stories of hauntings, demonic possession, and everything that goes bump in the night, as we explore the hows and whys of haunted houses and more.

Ira Robinson has been not only a man who has personally experienced the paranormal, but an investigator for many years, as well, and brings his expertise to bear on this mysterious subject.

What did our ancient ancestors think of the spirit world? What did they do as a response to their own paranormal experiences?

Are the tools people use today to communicate with the spirit world not only appropriate, but safe to use?

Can the dead return to us in some way in order to help us or harm us?

You will find an answer to these questions and much more in “Haunted: Finding an Explanation for the unknown”.

Don’t be afraid. The keys to understanding are in your hands.


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