The Eternals Game and NaNoWriMo Update

We’re halfway through November already (Wait… already? Holy crap!) and I thought it would be a good time to update everyone on my NaNoWriMo exploits, and let you know about some interesting things going on with The Eternals Game.

One of the purposes of NaNoWriMo is to write, within a 30 day period, a novel with 50000 words or more.

As those of my frequent readers can attest, my books often range in the 70-120k word range.  Sometimes, it will take me a two month period of time to write a novel, but I try to not push myself into just doing “words” with a lot of fluff.  I want each word to really mean something for my readers.

The challenge with NaNo is to tighten up the time writing.  What I’ve found different with it is that I have been doing more “sprinting” with this novel than I usually do, which has taken my writing into strange directions I am not accustomed to.

A personal goal for me when I write is to put down at least 1500 words in a day, and, normally, I overtake that mark in a big way.  I tend to average more along the lines of 2500 words, and have quite a few days where I go over 5000.

“The Eternals Game” has had many more of those 2500+ days than usual.  Because of that, I have had to take extra time making sure it’s tight and concise, so I have found myself editing a little bit more as I write, insttead of letting the words pour out to later edit, as I am used to.

I’ve officially hit that 50000 word mark with Eternals, and still have some chapters to go before it is finished.  I can “feel good” knowing I have completed the challenge already, especially knowing so many others end up drifting away from it before they “win,” and it has been an interesting experience for sure.

Will I do it again next year? Perhaps, if the timing is good, as it was this time around.  I’m not sure on it, as yet.

I will do a separate update tomorrow on my reasons I may not go through it again.

Either way, I hope all of your own writing challenges, should you choose to accept them, go well for you!


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