The Eternals Game is DONE!

For those that are not aware, I began writing my new novel, tentatively titled “The Eternals Game” at the beginning of November, 2017.

I am proud to announce its completion, as of November 21, 2017!

I was really surprised at how fast the book came out of me, and, though it was written so rapidly, in reality, the book itself came out of an idea I had about 10 years ago.

During that period of time, I would “practice” my writing skill by creating writing prompts, and then write a first chapter of a book based on that writing prompt.

Most o the time, they were complete crap and will never see the light of day. I still have some of them stored on dust-covered DVD-R’s on my bookshelf and there they will likely stay.

Some of them, however, were pretty good and I kept them around on my hard drive.

Most of the time, they are ignored completely, but once in a while (maybe once every 6 months or so), I find myself going through the text files to see if there is anything that sparks with me.

One of them I simply titled “Stephen” and contained about 500 words of really interesting things. I knew there was a story to be found in it, somewhere. I could feel it waiting, just beyond the edge of the words which were written into the file, but I did not know what it could be or where it would go.

After I finished writing “Penitence” and completed the editing on it, as well as “Voices Carry,” the second book in the Takiq Cycle, I wanted to do a story different from the dark way Penitence turned out.

My past 3 novels involved females as the protagonists and it had been some time since I wrote from mainly a masculine perspective. So, when I started hunting through my imagination for my next book, I realized Stephen was there waiting for me.

I spent a few days building an outline for the story, putting in much more information than I usually do for such things. The outline, in fact, ended up being over 17,000 words long, a hefty short story or novella in its own right.

If you followed me on my NaNoWriMo journey, you know I wrote furiously fast with this book, and I am very pleased with how it came out. I think a lot of the reason I was able to do as much as I did as fast as I did was because I had the extensive outline sitting there waiting, all I had to do was flesh out the words.

Writing paranormal fantasy is a fun venture, and I will definitely do it again. It lets you go to places the normal science fiction or fantasy genres won’t allow, and you can do some really cool things with it.

I have not started editing the book as of yet. I will likely start in on that after the holidays are over. In general, I prefer to leave a book sit for a few weeks between writing and editing so I can come at it with fresher eyes and see the flaws easier.

If I am able to get it done to my satisfaction, I will send it to my publisher after the first of the year and see what happens.

Maybe by the middle of 2018, you’ll be able to read it for yourself. I’m excited to see what you all think.

Thank you for supporting my words, and for being there as I continue this journey of exploration I am on. I hope you are enjoying the ride.


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