Deliverance – Flash Fiction

For Glory’s sake I make my stand.

For Honor’s cause I pull my blade.

For Love’s embrace, I await the flood.

For these things, and more, I fight to cleanse this land of the darkness which has ruled over us all for as long as any have been alive.

My people have had enough, and I will make my stand, here and now, for what is Just and True.

Too long they have waited. too long they have suffered under the oppressing forces of darkness. Too long I have stood to the side and let it happen.

No more.

My stand is here, where it all began, so long ago.

They came, in an age so long ago no one remembers, through the rift of darkness. Someone, some man they called a scientist, decided to tear open the seams of reality holding the worlds apart. The infernal machine he used is still running, even to this day. That rift, the damnable beginning of the end for all of us, still hangs open.

I can see it now, just ahead, with the forces of the dark, those ancient devils we all have come to call ‘masters.’ They guard it viciously, but I must succeed.

My companions have fallen, one by one, but their spirits beckon me on, pushing me, consoling me, making me sure I am right in what I am doing for my people. For our people.

It will all end. One way or another, it will all come to an end tonight. Blood calls for blood and Justice will prevail.

They see me now. I can hear their echoing cries of warning, their jaws already slavering with saliva at the thought of a meal come walking into their midst.

But I am no easy fare. I will take them all with me to the pits of hell if I must.

I am Justice incarnate. I am Truth born into a body.

I am Deliverance, and I will prevail.

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