Black Rose Files – What’s It All About?

Coming soon! Black Rose Files – Tales of Tanglewood!

I thought I would take a quick minute to introduce some really cool content coming up soon on the website and in bookstores near you!

The Black Rose Files is a new series of ongoing content, in episodic form, about a sleepy little town called Tanglewood.

Located in the remote areas of Louisiana, Tanglewood is a town shrouded in mystery, where the paranormal is normal and the weird comes to live.

See that building over there? That’s the Tangled Treats Bakery.  Elizabeth Barlowe runs the place.  She’s been going through some tough times since her husband left her to raise her daughter alone.  When her daughter comes up missing, the chaos that comes to her life may be more than she can take.

Over on the next block, we have the home of Eloise Thorne.  Eloise is an old lady by anyone’s standards, but she lives alone and prefers it that way.  She just wants to be left alone with her collection of dolls.

And that house over there? It’s rumored that anyone who tries to stay the night ends up dead.

No, nothing is really normal in Tanglewood, and some people prefer things that way.  Others, like the Black Rose Society will do anything it takes to make sure what happens in Tanglewood stays in Tanglewood.

The Black Rose Files will be opening soon.  We can only hope what’s written in them does not change the world for the worse…


Stay with us, folks! It’s going to be a hell of a ride!


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